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You're really really pretty and your body looks amazing

AWWWW <3 This seriously made my day thank you so so so much:)) <3


Hey guys!

First off, I am SO SO sorry for being completely MIA for awhile now. It’s a long story but I will sum it up the best I can.

Basically, I have a lesion on my brain and have been dealing with the side effects of that. This pretty much means I’ve been on bed rest. I’ve been unable to drive, work out, work or go to school. I have blackouts, can’t feel my legs, can’t focus or understand what I’m reading, etc. I am currently being tested for MS. So my life completely took a turn for the worst.

Even with this though, I’ve tried to remain as optimistic as I possibly can! I’ve still tried to stick to clean eating though I will admit I’ve slipped up here and there. But I promise you, I AM BACK. I am still unable to drive or do much of anything, but I’m doing what I can from home! SOOOO, I’m 100% back and committed to help you guys in anyway I can. Thank you so much for your continued support <3 <3 <3 

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Hey girl! I have a question. I've been working out hard as all get out the past year with healthy eating. I've lost 30 pounds but since last September my weight has not bugged. Everyone says I look like I've lost weight and I haven't. I workout 6-7 days a week and eat healthy. I'm going gluten free because of health problems. Any suggestions?

First of all, GIRL YOU LOST THIRTY POUNDS. give yourself some credit! what I want to say is stop relying on the scale. If anything, I’ve gained pounds. I went from 120 to 134….but I’ve lost body fat. So if people are telling you that ou look like you’ve slimmed down, YOU HAVE. Pounds don’t mean anything because muscle weighs way more than fat. you’re on the right track and you’re doing really well. don’t give up:) 

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Are you from California? I noticed your San Jose Sharks shirt! Awesome shirt. I live in Mountain View, California. Huge Sharks Fan!! Game 7 tomorrow night... Can't Wait.

AHHHHHH OH MY GOSH A FELLOW SHARKS FAN😍 Yes I am! I’m a die hard hockey fan, it’s kinda scary. #game7….. #ihatelife

Thank you so much:)